a fierce, 100%canibal; one who enjoys eating, breathing, and talking about people. though she has a quite goofy side, malory is constantly, canibal(ing).
" gee bud, youre acting like a malory! "
by alisa rios January 24, 2008
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Malorie is a beautiful girl with a kind heart. She has an adventurous view on life and never gives up, no matter what the world throws at her. She is strong, independent, and very funny. Her friends love her dearly.
You're gonna hear malorie roar
by Damon Blake December 10, 2016
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malori is a beautiful funny and nice girl. If you ever have a malori don't let them go. malori's have beautiful hazel eyes and brown hair they are great girlfriends. she doughts herself nut she doesn't know she is beautiful. if u ever have a malori try no matter what not to let them go.
never let a malori go!!!
by FBI_open tf up November 19, 2019
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Beautiful, Smart, and funny. She thinks shes not but we all know she is. she is the exact oppisite of Mal. I wish i were here. (tumadre butt butt whore)
Malorie is loved by suzy and Skye sooooooooo much <3
by SUZSK September 09, 2006
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Anoter, more unique way, of spelling Mallory.

Also known as Nutsy, Sporky, Weetsie, a cannible, Shorty.

Is generlly short.
Likes soccer. (Somewhat vicious).
And likes to dye her hair and get piercings.
Soccer Game:
Boy (opposing team playing offence)
Malori (defence of home team)

Boy checks Malori out. Follows her when she doesn't even have the ball. Creeper.

Malori gets the ball. He runs to her. She deeks around him and "accidentally" knees him in the thigh.

Boy goes off field limping.
by Sneaky Spork May 03, 2009
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Chubby, midgot girl that talks crap about everyone and anyone. Stabs her "best friends" in the back
Don't that to that girl she is a malroie!
by CAB March 31, 2005
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