1) The correct way in which a man should treat a woman

2) The discription of one man's genitailia being superior to another's in width and length
Because Larry had so much male dominace over Bill, Bill's wife left bill and thor to run away with Larry.
by DonkeyThunder March 9, 2003
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the way the world works and should work
alwayse male dominated society
by gabe_phister February 13, 2018
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A lad who beats his girl and claims he is the alpha male.
"Fucking hell lads, there's a bloody dominant male over there."
by The Fucker 69 October 10, 2016
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the man who is always on top

mostly used when you do doggy style
nigger: I just fucked my gf last night

nigger: I did too i was the dominate male haha
by Anal Penetration By Force July 28, 2011
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The jock that dropped out of high school.
The guy that beat you up and got all the pussy for no apparent reason.A dominant asshole.
also known as A (dmmmf)pronounced "dimf"
dude1:remember that guy derf that always picked on us in high school.
by hell spawn September 23, 2007
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