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Makyah's/Makaia are usually the funniest people you will ever meet. They love to make people smile, but are often alone. Boys tend to see these types of girls unapproachable in every way possible. Girls on the other hand love to be with Makyahs/Makaia, she is the most reliable to keep a secret and is great with relationship problems. Makyahs/Makaia are beautiful in every way and but tend to hide it behind weirdness. If you are lucky enough to meet a Makyah/Makaia keep her she's worth it.
Wow look at Makyah/Makaia
I wish I was open as a Makyah/Makaia
by Kimmy Jonas December 25, 2014
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Makyah’s are someone you can trust with any secret, she is beautiful and every guy has a crush on her. She is loved by everyone, she is really funny, and she won’t hesitate to kill you if you bitch about her friends. She is very smart, very talented (even secret talents),and she has feelings that are hard to show. Makyah’s are a lot more mature then you would think.
Did you see Makyah today? Damn that girl is hawt!

Everyone needs a Makyah.
by I.only.speak.the.truth_1 April 23, 2018
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Makyah means “who is like god” in modern English Hebrew

Makyah’s are definitely great friends. He is an awesome listener who will always make time for you and will help you through your problems. He is kind hearted and willing to put you before him in order to see you happy. He will always have a smile on his face even on days that he doesn’t want to smile. He will try to keep his feelings from people but struggles to keep it to himself and will confide in his close Friends who he trusts. He falls for girls easily and once he does he usually has feelings for them for a while even though it is toxic between them. Makyah’s are very attractive and athletic and have an amazing body, although he has an amazing body he is self conscious of a few things but doesn’t realise that they made him beautiful and aren’t even noticeable to other people. All around Makyah’s are incredible people and great friends who you would be lucky to have by your side
Me: “I really would like a friend and someone I can trust”

Someone: “have you spoken to the new kid Makyah? Apparently they’re really nice people”
Me: “I have heard that before, I’m going tj talk to him now”
by ebrow152 May 29, 2018
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Makyahs/makias are the most funny person you will ever meet. They won’t hesitate to make you laugh. Makyahs are usually very beautiful and always attracting boys. They are never single. They’re personality is very fun and perfect.
Have you seen Makyah today? She’s looking fine.

Lol Makyah is such a comedian
by Halicomispostromis May 20, 2018
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Reliable and different. Although they are usually lonely and underestimated by many, Makyah’s are extremely beautiful, kindhearted, and attractive (especially to pretty boys). They are also really funny and trustworthy and will do anything to make you laugh or smile. Get you a Makyah, they are one of a kind.
Guy: “I’m tired of these basic bitches I want a girl that’s different”
Guy 2: “Get you a Makyah!”
by Ilikeppineapples January 03, 2019
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Usually are invoke with guys that name start with As and are some the most kind ,beautiful, and sexy people you’ll meet
Hi Makyah
by Mr. Nonchalant February 10, 2019
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