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The act of masturbating in someones sock drawer as a vengeful act to get back at someone.
"Nik was too scared to leave an upper decker at Mark's new place so Gordy made some pasta." "Sean is in Kirk's room making pasta right now." "Robert totally pasta'd that one kid's sock drawer."
by Seany C. January 19, 2011
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A deceptive phrase used as a euphemism for masturbating while still using an instant messaging site or program. More commonly practiced by males, this phrase gained popularity as earlier phrases like "be right back" or "going to the bathroom" became too obvious.
Ted: "Dude, I tried to message you on MSN but you were 'away'"
David: "Sorry about that, I was making pasta. Don't tell Elizabeth though."
by amish_rabbi23 July 14, 2009
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