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The Amazing Race is a reality-based television show produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and debuted in August, 2001. As of the present, it is on it's fifth incarnation.

The premise of the show involves 10 - 11 teams of two, who have a prior relationship be it dating, married, friends or family, travel around the world in a month competing in various challenges and picking up clues.
At each leg there is pit stop. Generally the last team to arrive will be elimated from the comptetion.
The prize? $1,000,0000 to the winning team.

The Amazing Race is better reviewed than other reality television shows and has won an Emmy award for Best Reality TV show.

It's better than Survivor because:

Amazing Race: Get to go around the world in many days
Survivor: Around an island in 29 days
Amazing Race: 6 Continents, many countries, many cities, thousands and thousands of miles.
Survivor: 1 island, two shelters.
Amazing Race: Nice resting places
Survivor: Sand and sticks.

See also Amazing Race.
this show reminds me of a 2001 movie called "Rat Race".
by Meerna and Schmeerna August 04, 2004
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A group of 2-4 guys separately jack-off into a cup, then mix it all together, and put it in a turkey baster. It is then put into a consenting girl's vagina and dispensed. The guy's semen that makes its way to the egg the fastest and impregnates the girl, wins (to be determined with DNA tests). The loser(s) has to raise the winner's child. If there are 3 or 4 total "racers", the left over losers have to raise the child in turns (a schedule is created at the preference of the losers, like who gets the kid on certain weeks). When the kid turns 15, the losers have to do rock, paper scissors, and the loser of that has to tell the kid the magical story of how he was born...LET THE AMAZING RACE BEGIN!!!
My buddy thought he was more of a man than me, so I challenged him to The Amazing Race...he lost, hahaha, what a bitch
by little vito October 29, 2010
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The ultimate contest of virility. Any number of male contestants deposit their seed into a cup, the contents of which are then swirled and loaded into a turkey baster. The course consists of a willing female participant, and the winner is determined 9 months later with the aid of a paternity test.
You, sir, may have an inch on me, but I dare say, my swimmers are stronger. I challenge you to the Amazing Race!
by Eugenecist January 11, 2013
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