he is having a makan now..don't disturb that guy
by deadkiller December 23, 2003
There's a kid in my class named makan. He is wierd
by Icejjfishy October 20, 2020
Makane means prayers. This is in relation to the christian religion.
by MCO-ANON July 27, 2019
A Makan is well-versed in philosphy, pussy-crushing, an dank memes. He is usually seen in your mother's bed, piping her down. Befriend a Makan because he will be the best step-father you could ever have.
According to Makan, the meaning of life is found 12 inches deep in your mother's vagina.
by güd boī February 9, 2019
A "person" who has a giant, long, peanut shaped head. A makan is mysterious and dark and usually their only goal is to take over the universe. Befriend any makan you come across so he will spare you on judgement day.
There comes makan, everybody bow!
by DumbGreenYoda September 12, 2017