Mahatma is a sanskrit an ancient language of india word for great soul
it is similar in usage to the modern term saint
One ell known example is Mahatma Gandhi
by amit_jain_online July 26, 2007
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Another word for "gone", inspired by mahatma Ghandi.
by G_MON May 23, 2007
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Indian version of Johnny Sins is called Mahatma Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi- the divider of India
by Abhinavsh November 26, 2021
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Random happenings, misc. problems, eventualities. Specific to ASMPC in Monterey, CA.

We'll give 2,500 for the next campus party, but lets add another 200 for all kinds of Mahatma-Ghandis.
by Liam VPoA April 14, 2008
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When you’re so confused the only person that can help you is Gandhi .
Person 1: what did you get for question eight

Person 2: India

Person 1: Huh huh Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi: yeah he’s right sorry dude
by Bam shaka boom May 29, 2019
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