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Magnus is perfect. No one can be as perfect and amazing as Magnus. Magnus will light up your life, like nobody else will. He is an amazing, caring and loving person. He is very fun to be around, and can be very silly, goofy and giggly. Very competetive and strong-willed. Always wants you to feel comfortable, and is always caring about you and your mood, health and thoughts. Magnus is always there for you, and if Magnus falls in love with you, you will be blessed. He will make you feel like the only girl in the world, and will treat you like a queen. He will give you all the attention and time you need, without it being too much for him. He will listen to everything you say, understand and support you.

Magnus values his friends and family a lot, and he is truly there for them he loves, when they need it.
Magnus is the best cuddler in the world, and is ALWAYS up to cuddling. He loves being the big spoon, and has no problem with being the little spoon as well. He is also the best kisser in the world, and he will always make you feel good in that kind of way :)

On top being one of the best and most loving people in the world, Magnus is very attractive, and can make any girl fall in love with him. He is so hot, and he has a great sense of fashion. He is very tall, and he has a gorgeous body and face. His hair is always perfect, and he smells so good. Everyone should have a Magnus in their life. He is amazing.
Girl 1: "That guy over there is so hot! Who is he?"
Girl 2: "It's Magnus! He is perfect, right?"
Girl 1: "Indeed."
by djella April 28, 2020

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Sinam is one of the most gorgeous girls you will ever meet. Beautiful eyes, amazing body and a lovely personality. She values her friends and family a lot. She is the life of the party, and she will definitely make you laugh. One of the funniest people on earth, and very fun to be around. Can always make you smile. Sinam can get any guy she wants, because of her charm and outgoing personality. Sinam is nice to everyone, and she always wants to make everyone happy and comfortable. She is very sporty, and has a burning passion for football. She is very competetive and strong-willed. That is why, she always gets what she wants. Everyone wants a friend like Sinam, and everyone should have a Sinam in their life.
"Have you seen that hot girl over there?"
"Oh yeah, whats her name?"
"Her name is Sinam."
"Of course her name is Sinam."
by djella April 28, 2020

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