The nick name for an Mongoloid natured humanoid who has a tendency of sexual attraction to male sheep. A magnesia is the result of generations of inbreeding, that is usually selected towards the youngest female sibling. A magnesia usually displays the physical characteristics of being rather tall, over weight, and excessively hairy. The weight issue causes a sever mental complex which leads to an end result of have little, or no friends. A magnesia is usually a focal point of teenage scrutiny. His strange looks and weird behaviors are easily made fun of and is a source of entertainment for many teens. Magnesias are usually genital beasts, but have the ability to injure smaller individuals who cross a boundary when coming in contact with them. If one does in fact have an opportunity to wrestle or fight a magnesia, one must remember that due to the extremely small brain the a magnesia exhibits, they do not know their own strength and ability to hurt people. The best way to deal with a magnesia is to ignore them as much as possible, but if they do in fact come too close throw large stones and/or other available heavy objects at the beast, and hope to demobilize it. It is best to report a sighting of a magnesia to the proper authorities in order to minimize the sped of magnesias in further generations. Forced sterilization is also recommended. One method of sterilization is by means of surgical treatment, but it is much easier and cheaper to just grab a magnesia by the balls (which are unusually small, un-human like) and rip them off. It is a word of advise to only allow professionals to deal with there humanoids. For they are in fact quite dangerous and can cause harm to humans, and for that matter farm animals.
Example 1:

Wow look at the big freak! -Person 1

Yeah, we better keep our distance from that magnesia. -Person 2

Example 2:

That magnesia is taking advantage of his little sister! -Person 1

We better rip his little balls off!! -Person 2

Example 3:

What in the hell is banging my (male) sheep?!?!?! -Person 1

That is one of those damn magnesias! Lets throw stones at it!! -Person 2

by Doctor of humanoid beasts January 2, 2008
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A type of amnesia characterized by conveniently forgetting about an I.O.U.
Guy: I never signed that I.O.U.!
Guy 2: Looks like someone’s got a case of Magnesia.
by Delthesloth July 21, 2022
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Used to describe white people in terms of attraction. (Colloquial)
Dami: that white girl is attractive

Rashaan: taking a sip of the milk of magnesia are we?
Dami: im so in love with (white person)
Rashaan: you're knee deep in the milk of magnesia
by Solomoon64 July 5, 2022
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Liquid put on skin to relieve pain caused by sunburns
Christina, put some milk of magnesia on those sunburns you got from your trip to Cancún!
by Ctown October 5, 2014
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A sexually desirable middle-aged woman, usually with kids, who inserts one or more of her fingers into her younger lover's rectum during sexual intercourse.
That Milf of Magnesia stuck her thumb in my ass!
by Professor of Milfology March 19, 2011
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