madhu is the most genuine kind hearted person i know. she is always full of energy and always laughing. she is so sweet and innocent and always there for you. she makes a miserable sad room turn happy and makes everyone around her happy. she is extremely smart and can always help you no matter what.

she is an amazing best friend and if you find her don’t let her go!!
‘madhu is so smart

omg is that madhu, she’s so pretty
by _xoxo_anonymous_ February 22, 2021
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madhu is the honey which is extracted
from the honey bees hive.Especially used to discribe ladies sweet lips.
boy ! her lips tastes just like madhu
by Madhusudhan June 8, 2005
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A very smart, intelligent Sexy Girl, who has made my life beautiful, and worth living. Luv ya babe.
by Pratik November 3, 2004
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a person that at first seems to have contradictions within him/herself
Did you see that madhu? He was, like, totally a midget but he had the lowest voice ever!
by madhu-the-creeper-pinkie July 5, 2009
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A battle cry let out when you have sex. It’s meant to hype oneself up during sex as if he is actually attracted to himself rather than the person he is with. For those built like rhinos.
I was fucking this bitch. I spanked myself as I yelled, “Madhu, Madhu, Madhu!”
by Gremlord March 19, 2022
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Madhu is so freaking beautiful. She has the most prettiest smile. She has light brown eyes. She is a amazing dancer.
Madhu is so beautiful
by Richard Simon September 26, 2018
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A very innocent religious girl that has many friends and has nice teeths.
Look at that , she doesnt even know what dick means. She's such a madhu
by MY.MAN December 30, 2017
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