Madarchod(HINDI)=Mother fucker(ENGLISH)

Most commonly/regularly used swear words by Indians/South-east
Asians.Categorized with similar incest swear words:bhenchod(sister fucker),betichod(daughter fucker)
Oye madarchod,tu yaha madarchod ka matlab dekne aaya hai
(hey mother fucker,you ve come here to check out the meaning of motherfucker?)

harami madarchod mujhe apna sutta de.
(mofo,gimme your fag).
by $partan December 21, 2006
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mother fucker jo sala apni maa ki taangein uttaah day
jaisay G W bush uttahata hai roz
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
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A universal south asian swear word literally meaning MOTHERFUCKER . Is used in many European nations , the middle east Australia and the americas which has a big south asian population .
- Tu Madarchod saala (u fucking motherfucking assole ).
- Madarchod , lottery nahin lagi (Motherfucking no way I am gonna get any Lottery Money ..)
by Dharam Tathgur December 02, 2005
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Apni maa ko dhar ke chodne wala

Madarchodhen (opposite)
Pakistani Madarchod and Madarchodhen
by Boorchod April 26, 2009
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a pan indian slang which literally means "motherfucker" which is mainly used as an insult to people.
narendra modi bahut bada madarchod hain, uski hagga jaise boli se malum parta hain
(narendra modi is a big madarchod(motherfucker), his stinking words reveal so)

aaj ramlila maidan RSS ke madarchodo se bhara dikh raha hain
(today ramlila maidan is looking fully occupied by madarchods(motherfuckers) belonging to RSS )
by devanampiya August 27, 2011
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