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In North India (primarily in Hindi speaking areas) pappu is used as a nickname for

DEF. 1) a typically shy/inept male.

DEF. 2) someone who shows an uncanny level of innocence or introversion.

Recently, the definition has evolved to a more glorious connotations thanks to a popular Bollywood song 'Pappu can't dance sala' where the new dimensions attached are a departure from the conventional definition.

The new 'pappu' refers to

DEF. 3) an individual who is accomplished, well-off and able. A Renaissance Man of sorts.

NB: The song associates the following traits in 'Pappu': Muscular, Popular, Bachelor, Has a fast vehicle, Popular with the ladies, Light Blue Eyes, Looks Caucasian, Has a Rado Watch, Wears Gucci Perfume, A Star, Bound to become famous, Has an advanced degree (MBA), Holidays in France, Plays the guitar

However, in South India, 'pappu' is used to denote:

DEF. 4) a bland dish made of lentil mash
DEF. 5) an innocent/boring individual
DEF. 6) a young child
DEF. :-

1) Yaar! Leh... Pappu aa gaya! (Dude! Here comes the shy guy!)

2) Yeh tho pappu hai! (He is naive!)

3) Yeh tho pappu hai! (He is the man!)

4) Pappu Hako. (Give me some lentil mash)

5) Ivan pappu aakum! (He is innocent!)

6) Pappu karskundu ba! (Bring the child!)
by hypertoot May 14, 2009
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definition 1:pappu is otherwise just another indian name...but is often used to make fun of noobs and people with sheep mentality...

definition 2:synonym for cock.

definition 3:used as an expression of failure....*i am fucked*
example 1:he is such a pappu guy or "abhey yeh tu to pappu hai"

example 2:pappu lele*suck my cock"

example 3:abhey yaar pappu lag gaya*i got badly fucked*
by ramma D July 10, 2008
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In Telugu, the language of Andhra Pradesh (a state in southern India), the word means lentil. Pappu is also used as a derogatory term for a member of the Brahmin community (priestly caste). The connection lies in the fact that traditionally Brahmins were supposed to be vegetarians and their diet had a lot of lentils. However, the two pappu people I knew in college were both meat eaters. Despite changing food preferences, the epithet is quite popular.
Orey, Pappu na kodaka! (Hey, son of a lentil!)
by kulamu leni vaadu February 13, 2014
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Pappu means dabang man. In bihar and up this name mins the person who is innocent .
There are many people in bihar which name is pappu. Such as pappu yadav big bihar and up this pappu means innocent and true man.
by Amar yadav February 01, 2017
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