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A way of describing fucker by one of the worst way.
thug life. XD...
by xXxPOISON X April 17, 2020
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A Urdu/Hindi slang word used in India And Pakistan and the word MADAR is derived from the Urdu word MADA(Mother) and gets mixed up with the english word Mother and the word chod is mixing of the Hindi word Chut meaning cunt and Chhed meaning Hole.
boy : Yeh Madar chod ladki mujhe apni boyfriend banana chahhati hai , chutiya...lawdi ladki!
Girl : Are tera Maa Madar chod...tujhme to kuch chodne k liye vi nahi bacha , bhosri ke!
by xXxPOISON X May 08, 2020
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It’s a Bengali Word ; Laughing so hard that the face becomes stuck in the laughing state.
Sara Din Maal Ta Kono Kaj To Korbe Na Jokhon E Kichu Korte Bolbo Mukh Ta Amon Korbe Mone Hoe Jeno Vatkay Gache !
by xXxPOISON X April 13, 2020
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The people who do most of the worst things:
List of bad things in US:
1.Almost 95% of the population marry for doing sex and after sex had been completed a number of times...divorce their life partner for finding a new sex partner.

2.The Country has originated the word Motherfucker by disrespecting MOTHERS so hear you Americans you are prostitute's child (MORE DISRESPECT)

3.Has the largest number of bars where they use girls to dance almost nudely
4.Uses the largest number of alcohols

5.Children also have crush
6.Loves their sex partner more than their mother.

7.Contains the largest number of porns
8.Thinks itself the richest country, though not the richest
9.Girls keep themselves almost with naked dresses.

10.Discriminate the WEST INDIANS
11.Show fake news of Aliens, Monsters, Ghosts like Slender man....I am telling this because I have also camped in the Dark Woods of America during mid night.

12.Knows Only slangs related to fucking.
13.Take Advantages of being Super Power
14.Knows only English whereas in Eastern Countries millions of languages are spoken
15.Creators of Illuminati , Dark Web , Area 51 , etc
16 .Stole titles from Eastern Countries like the film Extra Terrestrial's Script is derived from Satyajeet Ray's The Alien.
17.Could not defeat a weak country called Vietnam
18.Would be destroyed by BLACKS!
Americans(USA) BLACK are gonna...you!
by xXxPOISON X May 11, 2020
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A word used to describe a boy as being child he works like adults! It is used as a slang in Bengali.
Adult : Ai Chhamra tui Janis ki ki khisti jani sala tight kore rekhe debo jaa ekhan theke bole dilam!
Kid : Ai chodon er bhodon ... ami o jani!
Adult : Ore ai dhamna maal ta re ajke jhhata peta korbo!
by xXxPOISON X April 18, 2020
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A fucking Sweet Word which is fuckingly used most common slang,fuck***??
Jason:What happened to you!!

Richard:I will die now!!

Jason:What...BTW what's the Cause??

Richard:My WIFE and girlfriend is fucking my grandfather and father respectively.
by xXxPOISON X May 12, 2020
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