To fail to recognize and/or understand a joke, particularly when everyone else around you gets it.
"I don't get it."
"Oh my god, you totally rozzed that joke."
by rozamint August 30, 2012
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a beautiful girl with brown curly hair, she's short but she's got a lot of potential. She has an amazing voice that can blow people away, and she's a great person to talk to about your problems. Don't forget her undoubtable kindess and .. beauty.
DANG HOMMIE, that girl is so ROZ, no wonder she's part of RPAN!
by osbourne February 5, 2005
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a grrr;
Hey that gurls' Roz
by lilRAZ October 12, 2003
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Shortened version of the name Rosalind. Could also apply to Rosamund, if people still name their kids that.
Peter: Hey, Cill? Where in the hell is Roz?
Priscilla: Oh, you mean, "Mz. Rosamund? She's upstairs, powdering her clit, I mean nose, excuse me."
by lawnmowerman January 1, 2005
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A very hott male who kicks ass at basketball and is cooler than Victor and is tuffff!
That roz is awesome!!!!!
by Annomyous February 29, 2004
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sara's boyfriend who she says is hott and totally roz!
sara "i think roz is soooooooo hott"
by someone March 2, 2004
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The most beautiful, sweetie you will ever meet. A girl who knows how to make me smile and laugh. A girl who is downright HOTTT. GET YOU SOME OF DAT
I love my Roz. Roz is hotter than a dozen suicide wings.
by TL February 21, 2019
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