To mack is to chill. also can be used as macking (sometimes spelled maccin). Usually used when wanting someone to calm down.
"Hey wassup?"
"nm, maccing, u?"

by Dee-Money$$$$ August 14, 2011
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1) to pick up women; performed best when the man oscillates his arms back and forth while shifting his weight from leg to leg

2) to engage in sexual intercourse

3) to successfully complete an assignment (e.g. homework)

4) to thoroughly consume a meal
Look at Joe over there macking on those chicks! He's really busting the moves out tonight!

We were gonna mack, but I forgot my rubbers.

I'll be staying up late tonight. I have to mack my history paper.

He MACKED those gorditas!
by Z_19 December 19, 2009
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A mack is a pimp's pimp. As a pimp controls his hos, a mack controls his pimps.
"Don't you see? All these pimps that you be seeing, I run them motherfuckers. I'm called a MACK. Better recognize."
by E~Dogg December 29, 2006
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1. to make out
2. to have sex with
3. in fact any closeness with a chick
4. to get beaten up
5. a form of truck
6. a brand of pies
7. a brand of floor buffers
8. a brand of australian apples
1. "i macked her well mate"
2. "i rang her up to organise a mack-sesh"
3. "yeh i reckon i'll mack her"
4. "guess what? me and bustin just got macked!"
5. "check that mack truck mate"
6. "i'll have two macks's thanks"
7. "dirty ay? just mack her till she's clean"
8. "hey alex or micheal, can you please change over the macks"
by alex February 24, 2004
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