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1.To make soft by soaking or steeping in a liquid.

2.To separate into constituents by soaking.

3.To cause to become lean, usually by starvation; emaciate.
โ€œHis winemaker allowed the juice and skins of the white grapes to macerate together overnight before pressingโ€
by The Scholar June 26, 2003
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Maceration is the artisinal process Belvedere uses to create the worldโ€™s best super premium flavoured vodka. The process uses only natural ingredients, delicately drawing out the vibrant flavours from fruit peels, flesh and flowers, combined with the finest super premium vodka and technical expertise.
My only vices are shopping and maceration!

Maceration is something you can do alone or with friends...

There is no shame in Macerating

by secretdrinker March 18, 2009
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