A word which describes something as unfeasibly large compared to normality.
"The blonde guy from McFly has a macca head. He kind of looks like a lego figure"
by Dukesy April 07, 2005
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1.Adj. A wealthy pikey.
2. Someone with kitsch taste who can never combine a pair of trousers with the appropriate top; has very bad taste in shoes and showcases the most appalling table manners.
It must be Macca, I can see the palmtree stamp shoes from a distance.
by Madd Dogg May 23, 2003
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small rodent, inhabits white jungle. Often thought to be importing illegal caffiene from northern Brazil.
Approach with caution!!!
Macca is a caffiene addicted junky....
by Mic Mac November 17, 2005
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The Homo who denies all knowledge of bumsex with panhead
"no i did not have gay ass sex for hours with panhead!!!"
by Delve July 21, 2003
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Macca is the preferred nickname of one whose second name begins with 'Mc' or 'Mac'. Usually preserved for tossers with red hair who go to university to look good.
See wanker
Hear about Macca last night?
Yeah he's such a gobshite
by Handy Man April 07, 2005
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