"Macca" is the term used when someone is talking out their ass. Absolute bullshit. Over exaggerating to make them seem bigger or better than they actually are.
Lad: I fucked her all night she loved it.
Mate: lad no you didn't, you talking macca.
by SlimShady99 January 26, 2018
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A word which describes something as unfeasibly large compared to normality.
"The blonde guy from McFly has a macca head. He kind of looks like a lego figure"
by Dukesy April 7, 2005
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a place where you go to get fat and sing some Delta Goodrem songs with your grandmother!
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
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a word used to describe someone who is being;
-a wanksmith
-two faced
"FFS stop being such a Macca"
by Kid Charisma September 24, 2006
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You know a person called Macca?
Yeah he poo
by DisbandZeHoover February 3, 2019
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1.Adj. A wealthy pikey.
2. Someone with kitsch taste who can never combine a pair of trousers with the appropriate top; has very bad taste in shoes and showcases the most appalling table manners.
It must be Macca, I can see the palmtree stamp shoes from a distance.
by Madd Dogg May 23, 2003
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small rodent, inhabits white jungle. Often thought to be importing illegal caffiene from northern Brazil.
Approach with caution!!!
Macca is a caffiene addicted junky....
by Mic Mac November 18, 2005
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