A person who is just less than a mate (m8)
pronounced emm-sev-en
A What do u think of J?

B He's annoing, just a m7
by Ivan S February 27, 2008
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The same as m8 or m9, but better.
Swag person 1: sup m8.
Swag person 2: oh hello m8 today I rekt ur sister.
Swag person 1: M8 WTF M7+1 U WOT M9?!
Swag person 2: Exactly m7 lmao yeah xDD
Swag person 1: K, m8 who cares. Let's eat some Doritos m7
Swag person 2: k
by The king of the Doritos September 12, 2019
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M7 is a group/movement that is said to have information on an extra-terrestrial/non humanoid that escaped government protection close to Alice Springs. Random stickers appear to be spotted around the space of Western Australia.
It is rumoured the unknown members release music/hip-hop explaining some of the theory’s.
These f***ing M7 stickers there f***ing everywhere
by Ron1000 April 9, 2019
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m to the seven, an assassin that can be dangerous
m7 is out, we have to stay lowkey
by mseven October 18, 2019
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Commonly thought of as mistakes on messenger services, however the terms are both equivalent to M8 - obviously an abbrieviation of the word "mate".
"oh hi there m7 LOL"
"hey m7, you cool you kerazy guy?"
etc etc
by David Larm July 11, 2008
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Medication for men to treat Manginis. Usually delivered topically, but for serious and/or chronic cases there are maximum strength tablets, gel caps and capsules.
I think you need some M7, your Manginis is flaring up.
by CTJH May 5, 2011
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