18 definitions by Ramsy Norris

What certain kids are put in if they possess some sort of learning disability or disorder like ADHD. Oftentimes other students will think you are a dumbfuck or treat you like subhuman filth if they find out your in one or two of these classes.
Contrary to popular belief special ed classes are taught with the normal curriculum but are instead presented in a way that makes those in it learn better and easier. For the severely autistic or retarded kids, they are pretty much fucked.
by Ramsy Norris October 20, 2020
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The act of a male going to meet the father of his significant other. Oftentimes the father will seek to test and intimidate the male if he does not immediately deem you worthy of his daughter.
Doug to Cash "Yo i had to meet the dad last night, he even had one of his shotguns in plain view to make me piss myself."
by Ramsy Norris August 7, 2021
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Big ass nerf guns that shoot massive foam ammunition. Recent years have introduced a MEGA XL line that shoots even HUGER foam.
Nerf mega guns may not be good for a practical nerf war but they can even make a grown man feel badass.
by Ramsy Norris April 18, 2022
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One of the best freedom dispensers mankind has to offer. Fires 5.56 mm freedom rounds.
The best time I had in the service was firing the M249 and getting a mangasm as a result.
by Ramsy Norris August 20, 2021
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Girls who sexually prefer other girls. Can also be said to guys that the girl doesn't like so as to ease the pain. And unless your lucky they won't let you watch them make out or let your horny ass join
My sister's been having lesbian sex for 2 hours.
by Ramsy Norris April 28, 2021
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The word us Regular Show fans used before simp became popular. Pretty much means the same as the latter.
Cash "You see Seth over there lugging Julie's shit for her?"

Doug "Yeah, he already told me he's doing it in the hope he'll get lucky later."

Cash "Pulling a Mordecai huh? Of course."
by Ramsy Norris April 28, 2021
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A P.E fitness test where you have to run back and forth to shitty music with a bunch of foul smelling gorillas to a loud ass beeping noise that announces when you advance a number. The fat as hell and out of shape kids are the first to check out until they only leave the athletic kids to all star the rest of it.
by Ramsy Norris April 28, 2021
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