M15M started as a fun little game; it quickly escaladed into a fad. Author Cleolinda Jones creatively shortens popular movies, ranging from Titanic to Harry Potter, and from Troy to The Day After Tomorrow, to hilariously funny (and quick!) scripts, often adding silly little comments that you were thinking but not saying.

In addition to the m15m livejournal, Jones has released a book available at Amazon.com (check your local bookstores). Despite the earlier definition, Jones does not satirize movies she doesn't like- as she says, she looks for "bad movies we love" and even some of her favorites.

Check out her book AND her website!
Don't have enough time to watch Independence Day? Pick up a copy of Cleolinda's book, Movies in Fifteen Minutes (m15m)!
by Obviously a fan! March 17, 2006
Meaning "movies in 15 minutes".

A written condensed version of a film with many quips, sharp observations and a liberal dash of snark, as writen by Cleolinda Jones.
Did you read the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban m15m? Funniest thing ever!
by ella dee March 31, 2006
"Movies in Fifteen Minutes"

A series of movie parodies in which major motion pictures are boiled down to fifteen minutes. It was first conceived on personal Livejournal, then moved to a Livejournal community, and finally culminated in a published book by the same name. m15m parodies are written all in fun, and always out of love for the movies.
Cleolinda: "I don't think that the funny (m15m) should be reserved for things we hate."
by Vejiita4eva November 11, 2005
Usually done to make fun of a movie they didn't like. Often hilarious to read, especially if you've seen the movie.
by ~The Nameless One~ July 1, 2005