A huge third-down stop by the lynch mob.
The lynch mob is the best defense in the nation.
by go state October 19, 2004
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1. A group of people that lynches someone who was accused of something, but who was never tried for it.

2. The group of people who lynched Jesus, even though he was tried and found innocent.

3. The masses of people who celebrate a lynching by displaying replicas, from their necks and on their homes and churches, of the weapon used in a lynching.
90 years ago, a lynch mob used a weapon made of rope to lynch my paternal grandfather.

2,000 years ago, a lynch mob used a weapon made of wood to lynch my Eternal Father.

I won't insult the memory of either one of them by displaying a replica of the injustice committed against either one of them.
by Downstrike November 8, 2004
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-n- Fans of WWE Wrestler Becky Lynch. Also known to be arrogant and complete blindly loyal towards her character. Not to mention, will attack anyone who questions her.
The Lynch Mob took on to Twitter to protest against Ronda Rousey's comments against Becky.
by Stonecoldautism March 12, 2019
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The act in which pissed honkies chase after a frightened jigaboo(s). The angry honkies will most likely be carrying a noose to lynch the jigaboo(s) at fault. Likely causes would be: running for president,bad-mouthing KKK, and supposedly raping the rich white land-owners daughter.
"C'mon George, get the lynching mob together, that jigaboo wants run for president after raping old man McCain's daughter!"
by the big dekdude June 17, 2008
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Usually a group of people on a social network who write completly negative and ignorant slander about a person or thing, usually about something they've never encountered or know about, to either fit in, or to join in with a mob of negative idiotic people to rant about someone or something they know little about
**19 year old deleware man charged with molestation of 15 yr old girl now has to register as sex offender **

Person1: Ew omg I went to school with this disgusting kid

Person2: This guy needs to die

Person3: Yeah I hope they rape him in prison over and over, how disgusting

Person4: What is this a fuckin social lynch mob? If a really hot 15 yr old wanted to fuck you, even if there's a chance her parents might get upset and want to press charges bc of the age difference, garuntee you'd give her the D
by Da trueff September 27, 2013
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People, regardless of race , gender or economic situation, who post comments to a social media site or new story for the sole purpose of judging someone.
Forget the torches and pitch forks, the Facebook lynch mob has their keyboard and Facebook account.
by cynicald April 15, 2016
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