originally spelled as lurrve;
in teh best british book in teh world;
then cultivated by yours truley;
lauren lurrve; <3

copied by many as an exxpression used by ppl who dont wanna say love;
as it sounds too clingy; but
lurrve sounds very cool and nonchalant; <3
zomfg wahts up babes.
btw... lurve ya. β™₯
by lauren;lurrve September 01, 2008
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1:I want to make lurve to u
2:Lurve me or die
3:I need a LURVE slave
by Briden February 18, 2004
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Love + Deserve = Lurve
The person who says lurve just had to THINK that they deserve it to be grammatically correct.
I lurve these shoes!
by Awesome_One_ April 10, 2015
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A word you use when you love your hunhun very much that you have to use a different word

Variation - Lurbe
by Valerie Ruffles March 17, 2010
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