Philly slang for missing an oppurtunity due being lazy or slow.
If I wasn't lunchin' I could have got that job! But instead I stayed home and watched rap videos.
by Ruz September 28, 2003
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Has evolved over the past 7-8 years. Derived from smoking herb and then acting senseless...

Someone who is soo high they are laughin and cant stop "lunchin" out...

That person would then be a "lunch box"...

After regular use the word then becomes synonym to silly, funny, crazy, dumb, wrong, careless, etc.
Man, you can't be serious!!! Your lunchin!!!

After we blazed that blunt of cali herbs, we were lunchin out soo hard when we saw this midget being dragged by this huge Horse on YouTube...

Dane Cook is such a lunch box! When we watch his comedy shows we're lunchin out non-stop for hours!
by URBAN N.VA June 7, 2010
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derived from the term "out to lunch."
straight dudes who post shirtless pics of themselves on the internet are lunchin
by m lynch May 8, 2006
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1. really stupid
2. doing something that is really stupid
3. people who annoy the hell out of you
1. being grounded is so lunchin
2. acid is really lunchin
3. shane is mad lunchin
by allie November 22, 2003
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Something or someone funny.
Or, the quality of being funny.
That movie was lunchin.
That girl is lunchin.
by Nicky Cakes June 3, 2004
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Let's go lunchin!
So yesterday, we were lunchin...
by Alli November 24, 2004
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