Expressing lack of presence of mind. Often typified by niggaz who've smoked an overabundance of trees or consumed excess amounts of doses.


Unsure if this is regional. My crew in DC used this nonstop, but never heard in in the places I've lived since: Chicago and New York.

Please send me an email if you've heard it elsewhere.
Yo, your boy Juarez was lunchin' last night. He smoked a whole blunt of ill and tried to jump out the window of Shaniqua's window (she's on the 15th floow). But he was so fucked up he couldn't even figure out how to unlock the window. Damn.
by New York January 1, 2005
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A word derived from the stoner-culture. It means to act stupid, or do something stupid. It also can mean to be burnt, meaning you are slow or blank, because you're zoned or high.

It is DEFINITELY regional! Me and my crew from DC used it religiously. Once I moved to Miami (and now other parts of Florida) people had NO CLUE what the word was. No one from down here has ever heard of it!

See also: lunch out (verb or noun), lunch box (noun), lunch/lunched (verb)
They said they called me and I missed my turn, but I never left the room! I must have been lunchin or something.

Can someone go get him, we're 15 minutes late already and he's still in his room lunchin!

I can't get through to her at all, man, she's totally lunchin out over it.

He got arrested last night, the kid drove right into the back of a parked police car, now THAT is lunchin!!
by OTT August 1, 2005
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to act stupid or crazy. used in Wash., DC.
man he lunchin talkin bout go get me some food.
at home chilling waiting for your man you call him another female answers and imediately start lunchin on his azz.
Your really high and start laughing with friends instead of you funny as shit you lunchin.
by dresgurl June 30, 2006
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well basically its the most univeral word that could possible be used. It is derived from the D.C area but is used religously in Crofton, Md aka C-town. Its to as an adjective that decribes anything you want it to describe. The key to this word is that if you've never heard the word that MD represents then it will be hard for someone unfamilar with our culture to ever grasp the concept in which the person is using it. This definition is lunchin. Also it can be good or bad.
by Aaron Cowell December 12, 2006
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1. verb used to describe senseless actions and often used when under the influence of green
derived from the streets of naptown

yo that dude is geeking the fuck out, he's lunchin
by mexialyssa January 20, 2009
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