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Expressing lack of presence of mind. Often typified by niggaz who've smoked an overabundance of trees or consumed excess amounts of doses.


Unsure if this is regional. My crew in DC used this nonstop, but never heard in in the places I've lived since: Chicago and New York.

Please send me an email if you've heard it elsewhere.
Yo, your boy Juarez was lunchin' last night. He smoked a whole blunt of ill and tried to jump out the window of Shaniqua's window (she's on the 15th floow). But he was so fucked up he couldn't even figure out how to unlock the window. Damn.
by New York January 1, 2005
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When people see Bethany they think wow "she's such a Bethany". Bethany's are gym rats and have banging body's. Bethany's life motto is "may the booty get fatter and the tummy get flatter". People see Kim kardashian and think "Kim is such a Bethany". Bethany's are distractions. Bethany's can't wear yoga pants in public. Bethany's are such Bethany's
bethany vaughan is a Kim kardashian
by New York November 19, 2017
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