Light Skin Capability

Coined by Drake in the new music video for Lil Yachty's "Oprah's Bank Account"
"It's really about your full LSC, you know, your light skin capability".-Drake 2020
by kaswashi March 10, 2020
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Lip Slut Crew...a group of girls who aren't traditional sluts--kissing only.

Here comes the LSC!!
by Mac D March 31, 2006
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Stands for Lesbian Sex Cult. Basically, a gang or club made up of lesbians and bisexual girls who want to stand out. The ring leader or "lsc master" is normally a perverted guy, but can often be another female.
Male: Hey check out those babes!
Male2: Forget it man, they're the lsc.
Male: But we can still spy for some hott action
Male2: True. You get the cameraphone!
by DSpite May 13, 2006
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Lecture Series Committee (MIT). The group that puts on movies and lectures at MIT.
Common phrase heard in the Cambridge/Boston area: "!," particularly when a movie melts in the projector or the power fails.
by elbereth July 19, 2006
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Similiar to a deli sandwich card where you buy 10 deli sandwiches and get the 11th one free, except in the case of the LSC you would be getting Shards (aka meth) instead of a deli sandwich that you wouldn't be hungry for if high on meth!!!!
by Jenn Jen and Just-in-Case April 11, 2006
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Lake Shawnee Crew. The true OG's from the small lake community of Jefferson Township. The second generation is rising and raising hell. Their are no enemies in the Crew and someone in Shawnee always has a butt. Infamous for partying up in the woods where zoot zooters don't often go...for the most part. Livin up to those before them and passing down the tradition to the next generation of punks/scumbags/assholes/flubbers/and sluts.
"Yo man you in da LSC"
"Shit, you guys are tight"
by OG From tha Crew August 17, 2007
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