You know why you searched this.
Man, anyone who searches Lesbian Sex in Urban dictionary is just in it for the stories so they can get wet or hard.
by Gay Motherfucker June 2, 2018
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if you are a grown man searching for this on urban dictionary then you're fucking disgusting.

lesbians are real people who exist outside of a porno and should NOT be sexualised.
thank you.
straight man: lesbians are so hot I love watching/ reading lesbian sex
normal person who has respect for others: lesbians don't exist for your sexual fantasies, carl.
by stream basically I'm gay February 15, 2020
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Sexually activies between women
One night my friend and I were having a sleepover Andy said she was bored and turned on lesbian porn. I sat there with her watching it slowly I began to get wetter and wetter.

She suggested we have lesbian sex

I pounced on her and we began making out. I pulled her shirt off and mine. I wanted her wet, so I stripped for her. As I inched off my thong, she fingered herself and moaned loudly.

I sat on the desk of my room, legs spread wide, doing the splits. She parted my lips and kissed my hairless pussy softly. I felt so wet I held her head there and moaned. She then suck her tonuge in all the way making me scream in exctasy. Her mouth found my clit and sucked, hard.

"SUCK ME ALL NIGHT YOU WHORE!!!!" I screamed. She drank up all my cum. Andy stroked my wet bald pussy slowly. Then fingered me fast and hard, I came more all over her hands, this time she rubbed my cum on my huge 36DD breasts, and sucked on my rock hard nipples.

I pushed her onto the floor and went right to her pink, freshly shaven pussy. Kissing, licking, and sucking it like she had done to me. I massaged her 34D breasts as I ate out her sweet cunt.

After I pushed her into a chair, and I sat backwards on her, our wet bald pussies touching. I had each of my breasts in my hands, rubbing them, and licking the tips because it made her cum more.

Finally we got on my bed and scissored, it was so amazing having our wet pussies touching. She started nibbling my nipple, and I got wetter the ever. I cummed everywhere.
by Horny hooker August 20, 2013
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A sexual intercourse in which to females pleasure one another.
Casse and her friend Bianca were having a sleepover. At one point the two got bored and started watching lesbian porn. Ten minutes in, Casse went in for a kiss with Bianca. Bianca pounced onto Casse, deepening the kiss. Casse slid her tongue onto Bianca’s lower lip, asking for permission. Bianca opened her mouth, and they started to make out. “Fuck me..” Bianca said. Casse ripped off her and shirt and Bianca did the same. They started to unbutton their pants, and Casse ripped Bianca’s thongs off with her teeth. She kissed Bianca’s breasts, getting lower and lower. “Mmphhhh..” Bianca moaned as Casse stuck her tongue into her vagina, rubbing Bianca’s clit. “You’re mine..” Casse whispered in Bianca’s ear as she started fingering her slowly. Bianca moaned. “C- nnghh!” Bianca half said, half moaned. She started playing with Casse’s breasts, as Casse pulled on a strap-on. She fucked Bianca long and hard, as she scream-moaned. They started scissoring, as both of them moaned. Bianca ate Casse out, as she moaned. “Bianc- AhMmmn.. H-harder!” Casse moaned. Casse swayed her hips as Bianca pulled and pushed her tongue in and out of her vagina, rubbing her clit. They fell asleep, the bed soaked. Their lesbian sex was amazing.
by Gay pig ;-; May 19, 2019
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Something you shouldn’t want to read your sick especially if your a old man:/ but if your that sick their is thing below or above sadly as a lesbian girl we are human we aren’t just people that do sex tapes bro
man 1:lesbian sex is so hot
man 2:your a sick person bro
by baddie baka June 20, 2021
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Only the hottest sex
My wife, Annalie and I just got married. We would be going on a cruise for our honeymoon! The first day of the cruise, Annalie was laying on the bed naked, waiting for me to come back into our room. I opened the door with 2 towels in my hand.

"I got some towels, Annalie," I said not looking up.
A few seconds later, I looked up and quickly locked and shut the door I knew I was about to have lesbian sex. Annalie came towards me. First, she took off my shorts, then my shirt. As she took off my clothes I became so wet. Then, Annalie threw me on the bed and took off my bra & panties with her teeth.
"You've been a very bad girl," Annalie whispered into my ear, "you need a punishment."
She started by licking my clit and pinching my nipples. She started out slow and in seconds she was licking my clit so fast. Annalie made my nipples very hard. I started moaning. It felt good and hurt so much at the same time! Then, Annalie started thrusting a dildo into my pussy.
"Harder, fuck harder," I gasped between moans. I felt myself starting to orgasm and Annalie shoved the dildo far into my wet pussy. I started to cum. Annalie took the dildo out and licked all of my cum. I started orgasming.
Annalie quickly put the dildo back in my pussy and thrusted it even harder than before. It hurt so bad!

"Owww! Stop, Annalie!" I screamed.
" No, I won't stop. This is your punishment. You are have been a very bad girl." Annalie said.
Annalie fucked me for 3 hours and then we both fell asleep.
by Lesbian pussy lover July 13, 2017
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Something that everyone can find sexy.

Jordan (a female Jordan) walked into her Amy's house, where se found Amy staring at her seductively. Amy was wearing nothing but some tight booty shorts with some fishnet leggings under. Jordan stared at her, becoming more and more wet as she looked at Amy's bare breasts. Amy walked over too her quickly and sucked on her neck. Her wet lips leaving traces of saliva everywhere they went. Jordan wrapped her arms around Amy's torso and rubbed her hands on Amy's bare back. Amy walked around Jordan and pushed her onto the couch, and got on top of her. Jordan had never been so wet. Amy slipped Jordan's shoes off and tossed them across the room. Jordan kissed Amy's large breasts, and drug her lips down to Amy's belly button. Jordan took all of her clothes off, and walked into the kitchen, being sure to flaunt her tight ass towards Amy. She jumped up onto the kitchen table and spread her legs, allowing Amy to suck her bald pussy. Amy found Jordan's clit and stuck her tongue inside Jordan's wet vagina. Jordan then pulled off Amy's booty shorts and fishnet leggings, and kissed her pussy. Amy fingered Jordan hard and rubbed her cum on Jordan's breasts. Jordan sat in a kitchen chair, where Amy sat on Jordan backwards. Their wet pussies touched, and Jordan kissed Amy's passionately. They got onto the floor and scissored.
Amy: Let's have lesbian sex!
Jordan: Okay!
by Yerpernoodles September 23, 2018
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