lovestuck n.: to be stuck in love when you don't wish to be. you can't get them out of your mind, when you know they shouldn't be. as hard as you try, you have feeligs for them and they make you smile.

see lovestruck, in love, crush.
boy 1: dude, i'm lovestuck. i can't like jessica, but i know i do!
boy 2: maaaan. you know she's off limits!

girl 1: sally, i'm lovestuck. he's all i can think about!
girl 2: ohmygee! he's dating becky though!
by sophapoox33 May 14, 2009
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when your girlfriend/boyfriend is about to leave, you'll say, be safe or be careful when in fact all you wanna say is FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE, PLEASE STAY!
he was about to go to baguio but his girlfriend looked lethargic because she was in a lovestuck
by alexmanuel October 17, 2010
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Uncontrolable ,intense,emotional,feelings for person not of your imedant family usually for opposite sex. Instinctive, "hard wired" into a person,and cannot be ignored, or "eraced" or forgoten. Triggering of it ,is a process that takes a amount of time that is twice as long as it would to know somebody well enuf to say "i know him/her and know they would/could never do that ever" , no what "that" stood for in context. The time involved for each person varies with each, and circumstance is a variable in the struck is common term used for this condition. It isnt accurate,but generalistic,and only refers to the condition after its fully triggered. In reality,it can be "maped out" individually,for each person. Or more generalisticly,for types of people. It envolves phermones,personality,physical attraction, and intelligence, of individual(s) the feelings are for. Usually the I Qs of both are adout the same, no matter how high or low they are. Thoes who marry ,becouse of it,stay married until death

Unfortunately,once one dies,the second one dies of "loneliness ", approxmently 6 months after the first. Even if they have family around them 24-7,non stop. Another"hard wired" trate,and final indicator.
He didnt use to be like that towards her,but now he is hopelessly lovestuck on her. Something changed between the two of them, they dont know when ,all their friends saw it happen,but could not put a time it happened.
by Majicktoung January 13, 2017
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