"sprung" ; the act of being in love with someone so much that you wouldn't cheat on them ; faithfulness.
"omg tina guess what?!"


"jimmy has me lovelocked!"

"awww yay!"
by fashionista barbie March 31, 2010
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The act of putting your partner in a chock hold during doggy style or when they are face down.
I walked in on my dad lovelocking my mom
by ChazerB June 21, 2017
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Being so in love with someone, it’s hard to let them go. No matter what they do, you are head over heals for them.
“You do realize that he cheated on you.. right?”

I don’t care! He has me lovelocked!”
by TexasDally January 9, 2018
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Someone who excells in the art of 'Lovelocking' paperwork, basically constantly looses important paperwork/important objects, espescially just before they are needed.
Have you got that sheet with the serial numbers on it for this kit John?
*10 mins later after evryone in the office is looking for it*
You've Fucking lovelocked it ain't you John.
by Hugh Janus September 8, 2004
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a chubby brown haired school kid who dyes there hair blonde. Is also incredibly camp
by lovelockismassive October 3, 2017
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A bunch of lightly coloured pubes all sitting together in the urinal
colonel lovelock is on gaurd today

after seeing a whole bunch of freshly scratched blond or ginger pubes in the toilet
by Gyp n Jop October 26, 2017
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when your 'mollylovelocking' it basically means your being a bad bitch and nobody can top you
"omg u beefed ... your a molly lovelock"
by fkdkwwpeiqodkfkskc June 3, 2021
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