15 definitions by rhcpgod

beavis and butthead are the best cartoons ever and MTV can suck a nut the stupid sadistic basterd hoe faggit wanking badunka dunk's
by rhcpgod July 31, 2003
a word that chris and kristian call stupid ppl cause they are gay and dumb
u fucking queef
by rhcpgod August 18, 2003
the best mtv show ever, but now mtv sucks cause it plays shitty music
i love jackass
by rhcpgod August 14, 2003
floppy meat is a soft dick... not hard
the pimp had floppy meat around all his hoes... (he loves to mack hoes)
by rhcpgod July 31, 2003
a kickass band i saw in concert, fucking best mosh pit, famous for push it, this is not, black and white, wisconson death trip...
i saw static x in concert
by rhcpgod August 14, 2003