ill just repeat what everyone else saud. the best show in the world.
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
A number you can call where all your fantisies will be fufilled by women or men. (a.k.a 900 number)
I tried calling David around 10 last night, but couldn't get through. Maybe he was on that "loveline" again
by Anna D. June 24, 2003
A girl that’s sweet , freaky but once you irritate her she’ll snap at you . Always thinks about others but if you fuck her over , it’s endgame for you .
Hey , it’s Loveline
by loveline September 22, 2018
Shitty talk show that includes a bigoted, racist, homophobic (and pedophilliac-- talking about his fantasies w/ a 16 year old girl on the air) pig named Adam Corolla who thinks he's always right, makes fun of callers, and makes fun of people with real problems, and people who disagree with him. Dr.Drew is a homophobic asshole, but can offer good advice. Always have shitty guests, with the exception of the band Interpol, who hated their time at the show.
Adam Corolla is an racist, homophobic, asshole. Don't listen to his shitty Radio Show-- Loveline.
by tryingtofindmyself March 24, 2005