Where chav and chavettes find love on ITV while using words like "grafting" or "pied" a TV show where emotions run high and drama lingers in the air. If you like Blazin' Squad, you'll love this show
That chavette can only find love on love island
by Gretta Go June 18, 2017
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The ultimate fuckboy tv show.
A television programme, watched mostly by 12 year old girls and horny teenage boys, where a group of young arrogant men and women (some who are celebrities) enter a villa and couple up with the boy/girl that turns them on the most. Plus there is tons of back stabbing and tears and slagging off (well, what do you expect?). So yeah, no real purpose apart from to teach young people that being in a relationship at a young age is a bad idea.
12 year old girl: OmG gEoRgIa Is SuCh A sNaKe
12 year old girl 2: OmG i KnOw RiGhT

Teenage boy: Damn so many peng girls in love island.
by SaltySpoon178 August 16, 2018
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love island one of the best tv reality shows
you may really like it if your a muggy twat or even a player that stabs everyone in the back
p1:did you watch love island
p2:yeah are you in dbs
by dickhead on toast June 16, 2019
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A British ITV reality show where a group of brain dead fuck boys and thots spend a week in a holiday villa to find love.

For the 4 years this show has been running there has been nothing but the same old unnecessary drama and bitching and backstabbing, but some how the fruit loops who support this cringe worthy show are still hooked on watching Barbie and Ken look-a-likes shag three days after meeting one another and then crying and getting fake depressed when their two day relationship falls apart.

I have no idea how people still get excited when this program starts every summer, because it just promotes cheating and bullying. The only thing that changes every year are the crack heads that enter the show, but they still get cockier every year. This show makes me ashamed to be british!!
The whole of love island in 10 seconds:
girl : *filling in her drawn in eye brows and straightening over dyed hair* Omg av jus been cheated on init lak dafuq men r all fukin pigs yeh

Boy: *stroking his greasy, over gelled hair* Am sorry but I luv sumwun else yeh it just ain’t working aat

Girl: U ruined ma fukin laf I shoulnt av neva got wiv u
by SaltySpoon178 May 31, 2019
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A show about chavs, for chavs, by chavs.

Some people turn up to a villa and try to make a quick 3 day relationship work, when it doesn’t they cry and this has been the show for the past 4 years.
Chav guy: Are you watching this years love island?
Any educated person: Love island is a complete waste of your time and represents all that is wrong with your kind.
by P-turbed June 12, 2019
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Love Island is a reality TV show where a bunch of young fame-seekers jet off to paradise to 'have the summer of their lives'. Their dream summer consists of kissing and shagging their way to the finale where the winning couple will be awarded a fat check which will undoubtedly be spent on even more cosmetic procedures. Life after Love Island involves selling nutrition shakes on Instagram and getting booked to entertain drunken idiots at night-clubs every other weekend. This is as far as their fame will take them and the 'Islanders' usually fade out of the spotlight before the next annual season of Love Island begins. Tragic.

People who choose to watch Love Island are chubby wannabe's that will fall victim to their IQ dramatically decreasing with each episode that they watch. Also, tragic.
Average-looking Girl: I want to be on Love Island!

Love Island Producer: Are you a size 6 model? Tanned? Long hair? Flat stomach?

Average-looking Girl: Well no, I-

Love Island Producer: NEXT!
by thelittlestofblondes July 30, 2019
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I bunch of men and women in swim bikini running around and having sex under the sheets
Person: Do you watch Love Island
Me: Nahh they just wanna have sex under sheets
by Paigeeeeeeeee June 12, 2019
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