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Where chav and chavettes find love on ITV while using words like "grafting" or "pied" a TV show where emotions run high and drama lingers in the air. If you like Blazin' Squad, you'll love this show
That chavette can only find love on love island
by Gretta Go June 18, 2017
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The ultimate fuckboy tv show.
A television programme, watched mostly by 12 year old girls and horny teenage boys, where a group of young arrogant men and women (some who are celebrities) enter a villa and couple up with the boy/girl that turns them on the most. Plus there is tons of back stabbing and tears and slagging off (well, what do you expect?). So yeah, no real purpose apart from to teach young people that being in a relationship at a young age is a bad idea.
12 year old girl: OmG gEoRgIa Is SuCh A sNaKe
12 year old girl 2: OmG i KnOw RiGhT

Teenage boy: Damn so many peng girls in love island.
by SaltySpoon178 August 16, 2018
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