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The tiny particles of crud that are left on the bar, desk, or counter top when you are done checking "scratcher" lottery tickets. Named after the fact that most instant lottery tickets are losers, as are most people who count on them for a source of financial existance.
Angie wiped up the bar after Bob left.
Spilled beer, cigarette ashes, some loser dust, and 50 cents in change that wouldn't buy Bob another draft or scratcher. "fugging drunk loser asshole" she thought.
by OldFart77 November 03, 2007
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That layer of stinky filth that clings to people who have been smoking. This labels them as losers to anyone with a sense of smell. Loser dust also accumulates on the furniture in smoky bars and in the homes of losers.
WOW! That loser upwind of us is not smoking right now, but he is clearly covered with enough loser dust to stink up the whole block! You can even see the shitstain on his mustache from here!
by chuckybubbles November 21, 2011
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1.That fine coating of something that covers most reality show celebrities. Most recently seen on Tila Tequila and "I Love New York"'s Tiffany Pollard,it makes them appear to be unreal and seems to affect their judgment.

2.What must be on Meg Griffin since she has trouble being somebody on Family Guy.

3. What you smell on most department managers at Wal-Mart.
1. Tila Tequila has gone from erstwhile Internet porn star to pointless reality show diva whith her fine coat of Loser Dust still intact.

2. If the only atterntion Meg Griffin gets is from Neil Goldman, then she must have a fine coat of Loser Dust about her.

3. Joey was held back from being an assistant manager at Wal-Mart because of the obvious coating of Loser Dust he has from working as a department manager for so long.
by Dr. Freeze December 12, 2007
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