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Lorelys is a name for an amazing girl who's really talented. She's really sensitive yet cool. She has a big sense of humor and will stay commited to her partner. When a "lorelys" is sad they'll hide their emotions really good and won't let anyone know. She maybe silly at times but will be serious about her studies. Wow you're so "lorelys "thanks"
Your such a lorelys
by Robert Poseidon December 14, 2014
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Cool, smart and beautiful girl !

She's mysterious and very lowkey.

Never scared of anything and will speak her mind. She's shy but when you get to know her she's very laidback and funny.
"Yo have you seen the new girl ?"
"Yeah She's so smart ! What is her name ?
"Her name is Lorelys"
by Udhkotdchl July 23, 2017
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