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A lot of poeple up'ere talk lik'is and I don't think y'all hadn't aught to be making fun of 'em neither!
by ErnstNBlunt February 3, 2020
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is an example of
This is what democracy looks like! (You obviously don't know what democracy is or should be. Here is an example of (real) democracy!)
by ErnstNBlunt February 11, 2018
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disproportionately large; having a larger effect than should be expected by the amount of effort.
Idiots have an outsized impact in politics because fools have and outsized presence in the voting booth.
by ErnstNBlunt July 11, 2018
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feel like: a simultaneous concession of ignorance with an urge to spread some harebrained notion. A telltale indicator of the speaker's rejection of the concepts of personal responsibility and authority. A resident of Fantasyland.
"I feel like examples should be unnecessary."
by ErnstNBlunt May 2, 2018
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