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loogan comes from the marriage of the words loser and hooligan. Goonish behaviour contributes to the loogans lack of success in his work life, relationships and ability to function as a normal human male.
that loogan got fired again for getting into a fight at work.
by Jameser September 15, 2006
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Originally a term, perh. derog., of an irish hoodlum.

Now used to indicate any rural, slack-jawed yokel of incestuous inbreeding.

Noted for intolerant, yet resourceful nature.

Especially applies to those in Northern Ontario and Tennessee.
The loogan in Sudbury was warming up the moment (with his first cousin, sex not determined) to the passionate stylings of David Wilcox's "Layin' Pipe."
by ihatemidgets November 09, 2007
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History of word- obscure, perhaps derived from "Hooligan"

1.n.or v.- A slang term used to describe an unsophisticated provincial person of backwoodsian origin; usually of lower-class, anglo-saxon descent.
"That service station attendent is a real loogan"
by Joseph Ahmad November 26, 2003
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even though the dude is hot, he's a real loogan
by amber October 03, 2003
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Raymond Chandler simply defines a Loogan as, "A guy with a gun."
Phillip Marlowe is always on the lookout for any Loogan dumb enough to draw a gat on him.
by Buck47 August 20, 2006
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A Canadian jail-term mostly used from the 1970's to the 1990's, but still active today in some circles. Another word for looser, goof, geek, wimp, punk.
Look at that loogan over there, what a shitbox! We should go kick the fuck outta him!
by Good Ole Legbone March 10, 2017
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