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Dear Marlowe, You are an amazing friend you are super fit and are very healthy and active
Marlowes are like four leaf clovers hard to find and lucky to have. They are normally super fit (have six packs) and amazing, if you are an Marlowe out there read this and weap cause you are drop dead gorgeous and don’t need to change a thing
“WOW OMG Marlowes looking so hot today” “I know right look at that sick body
by Girly85 August 18, 2018
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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Marlowe is the type of girl that always looks DROP DEAD GORGEOUS 💀! She is super sweet kind and beautiful and is really popular ;). She gets all the boys
Did you see Marlowe today??? She looking super hot
by Udjsghehshqiw February 22, 2019
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That girl who always looks drop dead goregous. The girl who models for fun. That genuinely nice person you really want to be friends with.
Did you see Marlowe? She's looking super hot today.
by Wolfe1234 May 29, 2012
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Someone who is extremely competitive and hates to lose.
The Angels had one good play, and the Marlowes threw a party.
by George Sabastian July 03, 2008
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A dumb bitch who is shady, disrespectful, and a horrible friend. She has a fit and cusses you out when she doesn't get her way. She makes the smallest things the biggest problem. She will talk about you behind your back and then pretend that she never said anything. She makes you pity her and makes you do everyting for her and if you don't do it she threatens you and says rude things. She is mad at anyone who has an ass, tits, and funny personality. She copies everything you do and makes it seem she did it first to get peple to like her. Marlowe makeIf you know a Marlowe,, pack your stuff,, and r u n-
Someone: Who's that?

me: Marlowe-
someone: she seems so nice.
me: Don't trust her.
by Maxine<3 April 25, 2019
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The biggest schmuck to ever walk the earth. He gets way too many girls.
Person 1: how can such a dog get so many girls.
Person 2:ikr he's such a Marlowe.
by anøn November 11, 2018
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