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Longcat vs Widedog should be made into a movie where they just end up killing each other.

Widedog is WIIIIIIIDE. Longcat is LOOOOOOOONG.
by WillRKewl October 13, 2009
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Synonymous with a thumbs-up (as it IS a person doing a thumbs up), d(~^_^)z seems to be one of the few emoticons that hardly anyone understands upon their first encounter.

d = thumb
(~^_^) = smile
z = hand or wrist on hip
Bob: Dude, I got two Gatorades from the vending machine and I only payed for one!

John: Nice! d(~^_^)z

Bob: ..huh?

John: It's a guy doing a thumbs-up.

Bob: ...I don't see it.

John: Well... *sigh* nevermind.
by WillRKewl September 10, 2009
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