The act of peeing inside of a butthole.
I'd stay away from Lewis, he's a total groundskeeper. I mean, unless that's your thing.
by Mycatlego August 9, 2013
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Those who really know how to trim a bush. They are very skilled at planting their seed deep. When it comes to getting down and dirty, you just can't beat a groundskeeper.
That groundskeeper sure shook my tree last night.
by Dirt Devil November 9, 2019
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Scottish janitor/groundskeeper of Springfield Elementary School, with with thick accent and bushy eyebrows. Famous for tearing his shirt exposing ripped, muscular torso. Lives in a shack on the school grounds, drives a tractor, often insults people he is gpeaking to.
Groundskeeper Willie: Have you got wax in your beester? I cannot fit into that wee vent, you croquet playing mint muncher.
Principal Skinner: Grease yourself up and get in there you... gruff speaking work slacker.
Groundskeeper Willie: Ooooh, good comeback.
by A.Warm July 1, 2006
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