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Similar to the definition for homie except specific to someone you have worked and bonded with in the same research laboratory. Like homie it isn't a word that should be taken advantage of because a true lomie has put in the time and effort to discover the truth and will always help you discover your own truths.
Yo, what up lomie? How's r'search?
by Prof. Slice January 03, 2008
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A blend of the two words 'Lonely Homie', it basically describes the person who is brought a long to a small group event as somebodys friend but they dont know anybody else there, so it can be very awkward for them it can also put an awkward feeling on the whole group who are trying to make them blend in via small talk. Therefore they are somebodys lomie.

Can also use 'Honely'

This only applies to smaller groups e.g. A dinner with a few people, not a party where they can blend in, probably 8 - 12 people maximum.
John; Who's coming to the pub tonight?

Dan; Well I not sure I think Dave, Frank, Sheldon, oh, and i think Dave i bringing a Lomie along with him.

John; Damn, thats going to be awkward, were going to have o make small talk with them, it could be awkward.
by Antobwfc May 19, 2009
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