1. Heavy metal drumming. The type of drumming that makes you want to headbang to the point of getting whiplash, then continuing to headbang because the drums kicks serious ass. Named after the drummer of Slayer, Dave Lombardo.

2. Kick ass metal music.
1. Yo, I want to play in a badass metal band, but nobody around here can play lombardo!
2. I f*cking love Lombardo!
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by minitrampoline May 31, 2018
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Verb: to con and seduce minors by using one's position as a leader or a role model.

Noun: One who lombardos.

Origin: Mike Lombardo, a musician who manipulated underage girls into agreeing to have sex with him.
"Did you hear about that movie star? He's about to stand trial for lombardoing. It's sick."
by rebeccawesome February 20, 2012
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when someone is short fat and smelly and all around just gross your cursed with the lomardo curse.
did you just see that guy at moes? he totally has the lombardo.
by thu126 November 05, 2011
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