Meaning "What?", but usually said to mean comedic indifference to whatever was said. Also, if you don't care what was being said. Useful if you are in a place you shouldn't be.

Prounounced as "lawl wut", with no pause between words.
Person 1: Get out before I call the police
Person 2: lolwut?
by -Tacgnol- May 22, 2007
Meaning: "What?" in a more comedic way.
The term could be used in several different ways.
Such as when you don't understand something or when somebody says something extremely random.
Person 1: I had a seizure yesterday.
Person 2: lolwut?
by fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou December 10, 2010
A term used to replace "What?", however in a much more lulzy way. It usually is used when a person has disbelief for how nonsensical, ignorant, arrogant, or nonsensically funny a statement made by another person was. To sum it up, as others have already mentioned, it is used for comedic indifference.

Never forget, "What?" is an inexcusable statment, one cannot state that such question, as everyone knows the reason behind others' words and actions. It's all for teh lulz. So, in turn, lolwut is an excusable term as it concurs with the previous fact and is very lulzy in its own way. Not to mention that lolwut is comedic not serious, although "What?" can be unserious/funny, it still should not be used.

Person 2: Lolwut...
by Anonymous Loner October 23, 2012
1. a way of saying "what the fuck" in a nice way
2. a way of trying to hide what you said. it's really pointless when people use this via writing, because everyone can see what you said
3. a way of purposely being annoying
1.Dani: I like poop
Mickey: ..lolwut

2.Mickey: I kissed Mona. LOLWUT
Lina: I heard what you said you dumbass.

3.Lina: I love you
Mickey: lolwut
by love<hate February 19, 2011
Expressed inquiry often employed in ironic or unfortunate situations. Mind-rape usually induces such bewilderment and is rarely challenged.
New Israeli government: "Knock, Knock."
Muhammad: "Boom?"
New Israeli government: "No. Palestine is now Israel. Get the fuck out!"
Muhammad: ". . . Lolwut?"
by LuhGiiiT x Hitlol March 29, 2011
1. The phrase used when something funny happens, But you missed it, So It's basically Combining lol and wut (meaning What) Together.

2. Laughing at something that you don't understand
Example 1.

Friend: -Mumbling beginning of sentence- at the store!
Group: (Everyone laughs together)
You: (After hearing everyone laugh and not know whats going on) Lolwut??

Example 2.

Friend: *Makes random Quacking sounds*
You: Lolwut?!
by Bloodydragon14 April 26, 2010