in indian slang, someone who's an idiot
abey lolu mat ban, yaar!
by mahimenny March 6, 2009
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Lolu is funny as hell. High key really dramatic but in denial. Has a lot of friends and can barely keep up. Loves too strongly. Is really talented but can't pick a lane. Very Cute and with a large bootay/head. Thinks he's already famous famous and his screenshots of music he listens to matters. He's probably into boys and girls faces. Always talking and is a crazy bitch.
Wow look how cute you are. Such a Lolu

Pick one job to do! Don't be such a Lolu

Wow you like boys?! Such a Lolu people

Your head is so big Lolu.

That's Lolu's thing.
by AcrylicTears ^^) February 2, 2020
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Describes a person , who is seen responding helplessly or rather cluelessly, to his environment.
He struggles at a cerebral and executional level.

Also, the term is fit for one , who makes a complete mess of a potentially lucrative situation.
"usse nahi hoga....vo lolu hai"

"itna acha mauka tha, kuch nahi kar paaya ..LOLU"
by Chambers (Hindi to English) January 7, 2005
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Basically lol (laughing out loud) only with a "U" turning into lolU (laughing out loud uncomfortably)
Where did you get my screen name? lolU.
by jimnic April 15, 2008
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The Latin equivalent of "lol" (laugh out loud). Lolus Auditus was a common expression of ancient Romans in the forum. Many of the people who hung around the /b/ (/roman baths/) area of the forum especially enjoyed the use of this phrase.
Septimius: "Tuum mater scortum magnum est."
Gaius: "Infercio meum phallum longum de inguli tui sororis."
Claudius: "LOLUS AUDITUS!"
by Harry Balswinkleniger VI October 20, 2009
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When you are talking to someone and randomly say lolu(name) to either annoy they or just for the randomness.
Jack: Im bored.
Tom: lolujack?
Jack: uhh yeah.
Tom: coo

by drewski ^_^ May 14, 2008
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