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a) Parul comes from the Indian word which means, "Graceful, Flow of Water.

b) A.k.a Pari. A really gorgeous Angel who can always make people around work hard for her. Can do anything to make others smile. Really hard to impress and has all the qualities to drive her guy nuts.

Really obsessed with her girls and loves wearing tight clothes all the time.

Totally belongs to Akash, so think twice before looking at her.
Dude! She is such a Parul.
by PariBabu August 17, 2011
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Totally sexy chick.
She's the mysterious, I'm-gonna-make-you-wait type who most guys will die for.
She's frickin hot and gets most guys hearts racin.
She's totally different from all the other bitches out there.
DANG, look at his girl
I swear dude, she is such a sexy chick. A total Parul.

Dude, she is such a Parul! Man I wnat her soo frickin baaad!
by chickperson August 18, 2010
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