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"Logic" that is laughable and cannot be backed up with any real examples. Lolgic is often used by idiots, who will parrot back something they heard on TV (but don't actually understand) in lieu of actually intelligently arguing.
Guy: You like to cook? You're totally gay.
Other Guy: Nice lolgic, dude.
by ZMystere October 05, 2008
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Basically, argument used against you that is so incorrect or off-base, it makes you laugh out loud.

Despite the basic ineptitude of lolgic, it very difficult to counter this type of argument since lolgic users are typically quite simple-minded, stubborn, and will not easily give in to reality-based logic.
Two astronomers walk into a bar...

-Fifteenth Century Astronomer: You can tell that the sun orbits Earth because it's so tiny, just like the moon. And look at it! It's moving across the sky!

-Modern Astronomer: ....Lol lolgic!

by Tankitty Tank Tank October 22, 2008
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"The logic of laughing at iFunny posts hysterically while wondering "What am I doing with my life?"
"Phil demonstrated LOLGIC when he was rolling on the floor, clutching his iPod and laughing."
by Character_Recreate October 30, 2013
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