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An extention of the common internet slang, "lol"

To quote the supposed copyright holder on the word:

"It does not mean anything at all other than laughing out loud. It´s just nice on the tongue to say ERS in the end!"

The word was first announced by Bloodspire on the eve-online MMORPG forums, it was the put on UD by Shinnen for immortality, he now has rights to this word
Bloodspire > ZOMG, Shinnen just put my word on UD
Shinnen > Lolers! ;)
by Shinnen June 18, 2006
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One who lol's. The common loler often puts the abbreviation LOL at the end of each sentence, weather or not they are laughing. The loler is constantly in a state of lol. They have no idea what L.O.L. actually means. It fills the void between the last word in a sentence and the period. Lolers are often hated among the common people and, if met, should be punched hardily in the face and intervention should follow.
Person 1: Dude i was talking to Kat’s boyfriend. He’s a total loler. i swear there was a LOL at the end ov every sentence.

Person 2: You poor thing. lolers are the worst.

Person 1: Tell me about it. I couldn’t wait to stop talking to him.
by rexi232 August 11, 2010
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loler is loling. but more. understand?
by illicit March 31, 2005
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A loler is a person who uses the term lol out of context, when it isn't needed, or when the topic isn't even lolworthy.
An example of a loler lolling out of context;

Me: My Granny's funeral was today.

Person #1: Oh, I'm sorry.

Person #2: May she rest in peace, lol.

Me: What?
by hill16 April 19, 2008
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An alternative term for "AOLer" - somebody who uses the America Online internet service.
<cybardood2005> lol i am 1337
<InternetPerson> Woah, this must be a LOLer.
<cybardood2005> lol stfu
by Luke InsertSurname November 08, 2002
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