v. the act of relaxing next to the pool in a sunny area; similar to a lizard that is sunbathing.
So hot, all the women be Lizzing today.
by Big Blue 88 June 28, 2011
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Enthusiastically using your tongue to eat a girl out, frequently flicking your tongue in a lizard-like fashion.
She didn't get off even though I spent twenty minutes lizzing her cunt.
by mudhutsluts February 1, 2010
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verb: to surprise friends with random acts of kindness including but not limited to food, smokes, or living necessities.
"...and she woke me up with a packed bowl! I love when she lizzes me."

"You should liz me. You should totally liz me."

"I hope she never stops lizzing me!"
by Ahhchan June 2, 2012
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A lady who knows what she wants and exactly how to get it. Though Lizz-Es are breathtaking specimens of the female form, they do not rely on sex appeal and flirting alone to accomplish her goals. Lizz-Es are intelligent, ambitious, creative, and curious, but at the same time tend to be cunning, calculated, and sly.

In short, @Lizz-E is one bad bitch; approach with caution.

If you are a Lizz-E, take care to not leave wreckage in your wake.
If you are approaching a Lizz-E, good luck.
Mr. Z: Fuck that bitch.
random: Sounds like @Lizz-E played yo ass!!
by Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! November 13, 2013
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This is the colloquial term used to describe an excessively large glob of smokeable THC wax that can only be taken by the elite of the cannabis community. Inspired by Elizabeth Peterson taking a monstrous hit like a champ to prove she didn’t have baby lungs; this term was coined by her friends and became recognized as common Lingo of the K-PEN and extending 907 regions.
1: Dot and Pals were smoking some wax out in the shed. When the nail was passed to Mill he felt extra bold and proclaimed he was going to take a Lizz-Dab.

2: J-Fog nearly died after the extreme shock of chiefing a Lizz-Dab.
by Ak_Courage April 5, 2019
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A short, chill kinda girl with a kickass attitude, loves to pick fights, and is always shit talking random people she doesn't know,in love with hugs, and kills to be bitten. shes DOWN son and u can find her kicking it in the front of CHS with the Homiesz Lilleh and Daniel
Damn son u are so lizz Jizz! U kick some major ass dawg
by StonerDawgXcore September 14, 2008
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Big Lizz is an ebony porn star whom takes anal sex like a pro. She is not afraid of any sized cock and a little fun fact: Her number of viewers are named carl. Jebby bloom snuck up a mound of dirt is her number one video.
Jacob Ferris's sister, Big lizz. No seriously, The actor Jacob Ferris. What you think I'm kidding? Bigg lizz.
by Stolemybike123321 January 5, 2012
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