to yell at an individual for no apparent reason/ to get loud with another individual
by Cherise July 08, 2003
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The act of getting hammered and raging the night through. Usually in conjunction with a form of dancing and taking shots to techno music.
Maya: Tryna get live tonight?

Kelsey: Yes
by stuffwesay January 13, 2011
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Refers to a smoking hot girl who dresses like a stripper at all times. Prolonged staring at said girl usually results in popping a bone.
Guy with a bone #1: Dude look at Catherine her shorts are so small the pockets come out the bottom.
Guy with a bone #2: I know man she is live
Guy with a bone #1: 24/7!
by bob a lob July 10, 2008
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Happy Pride Month! Live is Live!


*born this way by lady gaga starts playing*
by srbn June 23, 2021
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when a man gets his salad tossed by a woman.
Francisco has lived on numerous occassions.

Hey bro, i finally lived last night with that one chick from the bar.
by theoneandonly17 February 25, 2010
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