Word Used To Express How Good Something Is...
1. "Dat Tune Is LIVE"

2. "U Know Dat Rave I Went 2 Last Nite, It Woz LIVE!"
by Lil Frenchie April 11, 2006
An unmarried couple who lives together in a sexual relationship.
Andrea: Where is Thelma?

Sandra: She eloped with her boyfriend

Andrea: So what are they planning to do?

Sandra: I guess they will be live-in for a while
by mr. yoso June 29, 2012
A movie directed by John Carpenter starring Roddy Piper as a drifter who finds a pair of sunglasses allowing him to see aliens and subliminal messages. The movie has been known for having one of the longest fist fights in movie history,it was only supposed to last 20 seconds but Roddy Piper and Keith David kept fighting and Carpenter kept the entire scene.

It was said to have inspired Shepard Fairey's Obey stickers featuring Andre the Giant.

They Live is an attack on consumerist society and capitalism.
"They Live is Hella Sick!"
by M.C. Mad October 28, 2006
a varying unit of measurement determined by the height of alec lively over the weight of alec lively. note that measurement makes know absolute statement regarding the dimensions of the object being measured. subnote...alec lively is not actually one lively in measurement.
why find the mass of that when we can just use the lively? or maybe just drink until our hearts stop?
by Dj DSL October 10, 2004
When karl tries to tell Maggie how he feels, but autocorrect screws it up
I'm so "in live" with you
*in love
by Golden_Avacado April 28, 2017
to live as if it were your last day on earth. to be able to not care what someone else thinks, because everyone in the world has a different view to every event, person, and action...
dance in public as if you were dancing in your family room...
by Matt Mauro March 7, 2005
The want to be alive, mostly lost after breakups, nasty fights on the Internet or Just losing it with out a reason.
Have you seen my will to live? I think i have lost it.
by ElectrodeYT January 6, 2017