Pedophile alert!!! "Little Children" is a song written by J. Leslie McFarland and Mort Shuman. It was recorded by Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas. The lyric concerns a man's entreaties to his girlfriend's young siblings not to reveal his courtship of their elder sister and to leave them alone. BUT!!!! Really it sounds like the first aide to the modern PEDOPHILE movement. If you have ever heard the song it is very cringe worthy, watch out little children, the Dakotas are coming.
I was walking by the park and this older gentlemen looked like he was whistling the little children song in his mind.

I bet that in jail all of the people who used the little children song are living in protective custody.

I knew a girl whose uncle used to sing her the little children song when they were by themselves.
by Cee wizzle April 26, 2010
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very cool band who you all should listen to. based in charleston, sc. name recently abreviated to jump.
coldplay's new song reminds me of jump little children.
by cosi March 20, 2005
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The best band that you've never heard of. They make fabulous and unusual rock music and they are all about 100 times more talented than a normal band because they went to art school. They will change your life. Get Magazine as your first CD.
The Jump Little Children concert last Thursday was the best part of the year so far.
by skylight April 24, 2005
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